Surprising Inspirations

About a year ago, I was on Amazon’s website searching for a new running book. I went on the recommendations page and saw a DVD that caught my eye. On the cover were four athletes. Thinking that one of them was Paula Radcliffe and the tag line that looks into the popularity of endurance sports I bought it. When it arrived I was so excited to view my favorite athlete, Paula, and everyday people who strive to push them selves to the limits regardless of any handicaps they may have.

Boy was I wrong. The “Paula” athlete was a young woman,, Jenny,  overcoming cancer and training with Team in Training. It begins with her being in remission and accomplishing so much. Then there is Artie, a legally blind athlete who runs with the Achilles Club in NY along with the aid of volunteers we see him run the NYC Marathon and a Tri event on Long Island..amazing.

Then we come to sisters, twins, Carrie  a teacher in upstate NY married with two small children and her sister, Kellie,  who lives in FL not too far from me. I was so enthralled with their story

One evening I was on Facebook and remembering that one of the sisters lived in Jacksonville I searched for her and found her. I was debating whether or not to ask her to be my friend, I didn’t want her to think I was stalking her or was some kind of a nut. After a couple of minutes passed by I got over the fear and asked to be her friend and sent her a little note explaining how much I loved the movie and how her story inspired me.

In a short time, she accepted my friend request. I was so excited! Messaging was passed between us and our friendship began. Kellie is the type of person who loves life. She makes me laugh and is always so happy. Here I was a stranger to her and she embraced me. I felt as though I found a long lost friend.

Kellie is my inspiration and I love her. She has competed in various races such as half and full marathons and tri events. She is now traveling the world and competing in Ultra endurance events running 100K!

After months of correspondence and asking for her advice on how to train and what to do we finally spoke on the phone. On her way to volunteer at the Iron man competition in Hawaii and between flights she took the time to call. I felt so nervous! I know it is silly but I looked up to her as a Rock Star! She put me at ease and we both laughed. My daughter also spoke to her. You should have seen the smiles on our faces. We finally made plans to meet up at the Disney Marathon weekend.

We met up at the expo and when we saw each other we ran up and hug like we haven;’t seen each other in years. Talking non-stop we caught up with everything. She just ran the half marathon that day and proudly displayed her Donald Duck medal! Her smile brightened my day and my children were enthralled with her. I must confess that my youngest has a crush on cute!

Kellie has the biggest heart. She cares about people. Here I was someone she has never met before and she made me feel so good about myself. With her encouraging words I knew that I could accomplish anything. The key is to have passion and boy does she have it.

Here is a little clip from the film: 

I wanted to share this story with you not only to tell you about this terrific movie but to also tell you that people come into your lives for a reason.  Some moments are planned and others are a surprise.  It is a gift to us. Take it you never know where it may take you!


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