Dreams and Hidden Messages

I am a 46 year old mother of three children who also happened to beat cancer, breast cancer. I am happy to say that it has been over 11 years and I am cancer free. This is just not a story of survival but what happens after. You get diagnosed, have surgery, receive chemo and numerous radiation treatments but what does it all mean? I thought many times that there was a reason I beat it. It didn’t scare me because my purpose in life was not finished. The most important thing was, I  had to be there for my kids and raise them. They could not be left without a mother and I was not going to let it happen.

You see, after you receive horrible news  or you have obstacles or troubles in your life, you start to think. You say to yourself. “Now what?” I was searching for a long time to find out what I needed to do for myself. It was frustrating.

Many years later, after a friend of mine ran the NYC Marathon through a charity. I was inspired. I thought to myself, “How could anybody run 26.2 miles” It was duanting. I was a sprinter in High School and the 100 yard dash was the longest I had ever run. That was almost 30 years ago. I decided to start with a half marathon and fell in love with running again. Since completing 4 half marathons and even getting into the NYC Half this year, I decided to strive for my ultimate dream, to run the NYC Marathon.
My first half marathon with my friend Ann She ran the NYC Marathon
Since I did not get in through the lottery I joined a charity that would help students like my boys continue with their passion for music. I have been training with our local Galloway group (who are gearing up for the Disney Marathon). What a surprise when I was accepted to run in early August with the charity. My dream was actually coming true. There were signs everywhere telling me to do it. I won a Timex GPS watch with a heart rate monitor (I never win anything so why now?)  I was in our local library with my children viewing used books to buy and I bought two books written by the NYRR (Complete Book of Running and Fitness and NYRR Complete Book of Running)
I truly believe that these hidden little messages were telling me to do it. To go out and conquer  the NYC Marathon. If I could beat cancer I was going to battle all the bridges and miles along the way and I was going to have the time of my life.
Thank you for such a spectacular event. I may not be as fast as I was but I will cross that finish line and get my medal I may be in pain and exhausted but I will gladly accept it with a big smile on my face. The best part..my children and family will see that I also survived the marathon.
There have been remarks that I may be a little crazy and why am I doing this but you know what? Its my life and I will do anything I want to do, without justification because maybe I am crazy. Crazy for life:)

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