No regrets

As I sit here thinking about the past year memories are embedded in my mind of things that I thought I would never accomplish. There were many milestones this year. My oldest, my beautiful daughter graduated high school and is now attending school in New York. Thankfully I have an amazing family my sister, her family and my parents so my daughter is not alone. I was extremely depressed when she left. I could not believe how time passed. It seems like yesterday that I was changing her diapers and watching Sesame Street on TV and here is she is an adult, taking on the world  and pursuing her dreams. How could I possibly hold her back? I feel sad. I miss her terribly but she is happy. I want all three of my children to go out and strive for their dreams even if it hurts that they no longer live with us.

Running wise I achieved more than I could ever imagine. I ran the Princess Half for the second year in a row with my sister and daughter. We celebrated my daughter’s 18th birthday that weekend. It was so special. A month later we all ran the NYC Half and we all set personal bests. It was frigid outside but what fun we had.

I joined the Galloway Group in June. I remember standing on the track the first day and not knowing a soul. Doubting myself that I can run a marathon by the end of training. I made many friends and had a blast! Our goal was to prepare ourselves for the Disney Marathon

. When the lottery was announced for the NYC Marathon I decided to enter. Hey we all have bucket lists what the hell. As that day in April approached I anxiously waited by my computer to see if I was picked. Unfortunately I was not. I had the good fortune to run for a terrific charity. I am grateful to all my family and friends who helped me achieve my goal to raise $2500 in less than 2 months. It is amazing who rallies around you and believes in your dreams. It was such a thrill to be in my hometown and run the race of a lifetime.

Next, as promised, my youngest, my 13 year old son, who stuck through the Galloway program ran and beat me in the Space Coast Half. I was so proud of him. Who would have thought that he would fall in love with running and run at such a distance?

Yesterday we found out that my son and I were chosen through the lottery to run the NYC Half in March. He was ecstatic I cried. These precious memories will stay with me forever. He will probably beat me again and I won’t mind a bit.

Today, my friend Kellie won the first ever Epicman challenge in Hawaii. I was so happy for her I cried when the news came of her huge accomplishment. She never quit and finished in 48:30:50. She came into my life when I needed support and motivation. She makes me laugh and brightens my day.

I am now gearing up for Disney. It is strange that I am not nervous. If is set a personal record I will be happy but I will also be happy to finish.

I have met an amazing group of friends through our running group. We have vented about our spouses, kids, work and just whatever was bugging us at the  moment. My friends Jessica and June are amazing women. Thank you for being there to push me through and listen. I love you both.

I am grateful that we all have good health, a roof over our heads and food on the table. I am also grateful for all the love.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Peace and love

Running Junkies



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